At Grounding Roots, our goal is to assist our local community by feeding them nutrient rich drinks, for a healthier mind and body. We offer 16oz bottles that retain their benefits up to 3 days.  Easy grab and go.  We offer a 2 day ReBoot package (cleanse). 


Lyme Disease hits 32804

July 09, 2016

Written by: Amanda Sosa Stone Co-Owner of Grounding Roots   Being your own medical advocate was a message I have learned and now own it and hope to pass on. Here's my story.  I hope it inspires others to trust their gut and keep searching for answers until they find the root cause and not accept the diagnosis and medical prescriptions to mask the problems. My journey started 22 years ago but it really feels like it's coming to a fork in the road with some hope sprinkled in. Finally! I never felt great as a child, but I didn't know at the time that the Life cereal and two heaping spoonfuls of sugar was the cause of feeling fatigued... Continue Reading →


June 10, 2014

In partnership with Rick’s Dog Deli, they have taken our pulp and have created some awesome dog treats. Pop in and ask for a sample. Or give Rick a call for an awesome menu for treating your dog to a meal their ancestors ate. (407) 505-2839 2911 Corrine Dr, Orlando FL 32803. photo credit: Annie Vanacore Photography Continue Reading →


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