At Grounding Roots, our goal is to assist our local community by feeding them nutrient rich drinks, for a healthier mind and body. We offer 16oz bottles that retain their benefits up to 3 days.  Easy grab and go.  We offer a 2 day ReBoot package (cleanse). 


College Park Last Minute - Healthy Gift Giving Guide

December 20, 2016

  With so many amazing businesses in College Park we wanted to make sure you consider some of our local favorites. We support the gift card direction!  Give a gift of health and well being this season! College Park Yoga - - Tried and true and ice cream for the soul! Naked Bar Soap Company - - We swear by the Pit Cream and the Detox Bath Salts. Sassy Pants - - If you are going to work out, make sure you get the right pants that will make your tush look great too! Oxx Bee Keeping – - have a bee hive added to your backyard and help save the bee population at the same... Continue Reading →

Health First, Body Image Second

November 03, 2016

…but let that body image have a voice as it has many lessons to teach you.   Use your body as a meter of your health. Your shape, physical and emotional feelings are all part of our body chemistry that are keys to our health. Your body should be a reflection of your health, not the other way around. Our society focuses so much on image, that we push aside the importance of listening to what our body is really trying to tell us. Each culture has different physical appeals, but let’s remove that for a minute and focus on just ourselves. We judge based on repetition of what we are told and past experiences. Our body and our soul... Continue Reading →


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