At Grounding Roots, our goal is to assist our local community by feeding them nutrient rich drinks, for a healthier mind and body. We offer 16oz bottles that retain their benefits up to 3 days.  Easy grab and go.  We offer a 2 day ReBoot package (cleanse). 


Enter to Win the 29 Day ReBoot Challenge Giveaway

May 03, 2018

2nd Annual "29 Day ReBoot Challenge" Giveaway has launched... Join us! What is the 29 Day ReBoot Challenge: 29 days of eating clean raw fruits and vegetables. Day 1 starts off with a one-day juice cleanse, followed by 28 days of a clean organic raw fruit and vegetable based diet, with a strong focus that goes beyond the food and integrates healing modalities to help cleanse and detox the body. This challenge is all about allowing your body to get back to square one.   Enter to Win $3,200 in juice, food & treatments: 1 One-Month Jumpstart Program, 1 cooking class & 1 Post One-hour consultation post-challenge from: FitLiving Eats, Health Coach 1 hour Intuitive Healing Session from: Elyse Falzone, Healer 2 days... Continue Reading →

Finding Amanda

April 18, 2018

I am asked daily "how are you" and for those texts, emails and calls I am so grateful for the love and constant care I am gifted. "Where am I?" is a question I can't even answer. But I will do my best out of respect for myself, my loved ones, friends and our customers who support us daily and truly want to know. I am grateful that I have this platform to share something so personal, with the hopes of helping even one person.    Yesterday was my 39th birthday. I always said I wanted to go from 29 to 40 and skip my 30's. Maybe somewhere deep down I knew what was coming for me. But who's to... Continue Reading →


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