Grounding Roots was founded by Jedidiah and Amanda Stone. Born from the passion for a healthy family, Jedidiah started formulating recipes that his family and friends would benefit from. They have turned this passion for helping others live a healthier lifestyle by serving nutrient-rich juices, food and healthy local products.
The mission of Grounding Roots is to help people live a healthier lifestyle by giving their bodies the best possible nutrition and to educate and motivate our customers to become their own health advocates.

Photo Credit: Lucy MacLeish


  • healing should be available and accessible to anyone who needs it
  • healthy options is only one piece to the puzzle for optimal health, the biggest piece starts with you (our customer)
  • mind, body and spirit are crucial in healing and we try to honor the three all with our products and services

We have personal experience with

  • healing from chronic illness (Lyme, Chronic Fatigue (Epstein-barr) and other co-infections of Lyme).
  • patient advocacy


Health Coaching with Jedidiah Stone – One hour virtual or in person regenerative health coaching includes evidence-based conversation, clinical interventions and strategies to actively and safely engage clients in healthy behavior changes and new habits.

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