Day 10 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 9: I didn't eat enough, worked hard and ended the day with double vision. Sometimes you have to push it to "see" the impact...ha...which makes the double vision a tad bit entertaining. And I know I will do it again (and again). This isn't my first rodeo with double vision. So the lesson is, just accept, be gentle and start over again tomorrow. 

I have to add, working the farmer's market yesterday might have busted me up a little bit physically, but being around such amazing people energized me in other ways. Looking back on the past week I did learn one important lesson that I do not want to forget to mention. I realized I have everything I ever need "now". I am often in a place of "when" I am better, or when we accomplish this next goal. But I was driving home from Wholefoods in the morning and I thought about the Farmer's Market and that this vision we had actually came true. We can manifest what we truly want and if we don't "get it" - it's either because we think we don't deserve it or hopefully it's because we truly don't need or want it. I will go with the latter and take with me the ability to keep manifesting what I need and want. But right here and right now is pretty sweet and I have to embrace the journey more. 

Day 10:  Double vision is gone. Usually a good night's sleep cures it. 3 things I have gleaned from last week to help make it a successful "health" day ahead... Take it easy, don't take life too seriously and lastly prep, prep & more prep. Having the food ready to go helps make like so much easier. We do this at the shop for our customers, but doing it for myself is another thing. Isn't the cobbler's children always barefoot? Consuming a ton of good nutrients is important in the process of healing.

Fact:  Double vision is often caused by something called optic neuritis. This is caused by intracranial increase in pressure.  Mayo clinic states: "It's believed to develop when the immune system mistakenly targets the substance covering your optic nerve (myelin), resulting in inflammation and damage to the myelin." Thankfully this is often not permanent and can be reversed.