Day 11 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 10: I ate often, drank often and wham I had an all around "no fatigue" day. It's what I seek and dream about the most. I even remembered someone's name that my husband (who never forgets a thing usually) couldn't remember! That's a total win for me! I also picked up my house too and I think my husband came home and almost fell over with shock. Having an organized home helps me think clearer for sure.

I am reminded our lifestyle and actions impact our kids. I try to be conscious of my what energy I bring into the house, but it can be hard sometimes. Yesterday I got home to a drawing by my daughter from a Martin Luther King Day "I have a dream" assignment that depicted her future family (multi-cultural I might add) and said her dream was to be a Mom. Of course I melted. My mini me was also so excited over my avocados that she requested homemade guacamole for dinner! Win Win all around.

Day 11: I fell asleep and woke up to a heavy chest but thankfully it's loose. That's rare for my body. I keep envisioning each symptom has to present itself first to reverse itself. I am a huge believer in mind over matter. Speaking of which, today is an all day at the shop with the entire family, once school gets out. Patience is my intention for the day.  

Fact:  The benefits of avocados are bountiful. The Authority Nutrition breaks it down best. Just a few of the many benefits are: contains more potassium than a banana, reduces inflammation, loaded with soluble fiber, lowers cholesterol and blood triglycerides levels significantly.