Day 14 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 13: Warning, don't go anywhere that has food trucks nearby. That's my only lesson from yesterday! 

Day 14: It's Friday and I have a session with a new acupuncturist today. I can't wait. In terms of the cleanse...I am also finding smoothies are my go to "life saver". For someone who didn't consume fruit much for the last 4 years, I have to say it's a time saver, yummy and kinda feels like I am cheating. Hello...welcome to the party Amanda. If that's me shaking it up and getting "wild and crazy", I guess I just like to live on the wild side. But seriously, this cleanse is showing me how safe I play life. I am so scared to do anything wrong in fear of the repercussions to my health or status. Time to live life on a different vibration.

Fact:  Smoothies give you the the soluble fiber needed to help slow down digestion and can help keep you regular, control blood sugar and lower cholesterol. Your body has to work to process a smoothie and absorb the nutrients and benefits, but it will give you that full feeling you are looking for. Cold-pressed juices give you the in-soluable fiber you need. Your body is able to absorb the nutrients from a cold-pressed juice much quicker (often as quickly as 10 minutes) than a smoothie because it has no "hard work" to do. Both have amazing benefits and both should be consumed often.