Day 15 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 14: I am in love! With cupping that is. Holy moses, no one ever told me how amazing this ancient technique is. I went in for acupuncture and I ended up getting both done. I didn't know what to expect so I was way more in my body than in my head. I felt an energetic shift come over me. Be warned though, you will end up with giant hickeys all over your back, but I didn't care! They don't hurt and I don't even know they are there. I have never in my life felt the "energy" physically sucked out of me until now. This is definitely a new treatment I am adding to my toolbox of health.

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Day 15: Saturday has arrived and I am thrilled. Today I am running off to yoga in the AM before the kiddos stir too much. I haven't been in so long that I am excited to finally have some energy to go back. Yoga has always felt like ice cream for my soul. Then late this afternoon I am getting a massage. If I was reading this, I would think "how does this woman afford all of this?". When you used to pay $1,450 for insurance a month and decide to go rogue and take your health in your own hands these treatments do not even add up to the monthly premium, copays and "non-approved" insurance treatments. In turn my kids get a much healthier mama that is able to care for them, while doing it with a smile on.

Fact:  Cupping is an ancient technique used as early back as 300 AD. Many Chinese medicine practitioners still use this technique to help enhance circulation, relieve pain and pull out the toxins. More importantly for people dealing with autoimmune issues, it is believed that by causing localized inflammation, cupping triggers cytokine production that influence your immune system response. Here's a great post to learn more about cupping. 

If you are interested in trying this technique out, reach out to College Park Acupuncture.