Day 16 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 15: I started my morning at Yoga. I have been so sore since I had pulled out my back on a sneeze I was babying my whole body. I was stiff as a board, but by the end I was moving and felt really good. I then had a massage later on in the day. It was my first time with these therapists and I have to say they were amazing. Having a husband who was a licensed therapist you become very picky about massage. Afterwards my body felt like it was breathing again. My butt literally had a pulse...not sure if that is possible but something was moving. I realized at this moment, I can make healthy food choices 24/7, but I also have to keep up the treatments to help move the toxins and detox my body, because it can get "congested" as my therapist said. I liked that word a lot. Why can our noses get congested and not our back or our muscles? 

Day 16: Reflecting back on the back 15 days has been awesome. Still with 13 days to go...I feel a need to tackle all of my goals. Food, check! Treatments, check! Epson baths every night, check! What I hope to check off this week is more time reflecting about my future garden and meditation (even if it's mindful meditation). I also would like to get back to working out...but I won't over due the goals for the week...hahaha!

Fact:  Detox. The body does it naturally and has the ability to completely heal itself. However, when overloaded with too many toxins, a little support could be just the thing to balance out your body again. Here's a great source on things you can do to detox. Besides my 29 day cleanse, I am using hot tea and lemon, epson salt baths and treatments like infrared, massage, yoga and cupping to help aid the process. Flushing out the system is important. When I overdue it, my glands swell up under my armpits. It's my waste station of junk. It's my body's signal things are getting stuck and need to be flushed. Listen to your body for it's signs, it will communicate to you, you just have to listen.