Day 17 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 16: I spent all day yesterday working outside and enjoying the amazing day at the farmer's market. I then went grocery shopping, stocked the fridge with what looks like a week's worth of food (reality is it's only 1-2 days worth) and then fed 4 different people 3 different things. In 12 days we will all be eating the same thing again...come hell or hight water. In the evening my husband and I watched Captain Fantastic. What an inspirational movie for any family who slightly has an inkling to go against the grain.  

Day 17: Yesterday actually started random acts of kindness week. My intention for the week is to do one nice thing for someone else. Another intention is to enjoy every moment of "right now". I get so caught up in the "future" vision of life, our business, etc... that I miss this sweet moments called "now". I have to constantly remind myself "now" is the only place to be. Every experience and person I meet is an opportunity to grow and be a better person. Okay you can roll your eyes now. But seriously, I myself have to be reminded of these small little things that are really huge in the scheme of life. Here's some great ideas for Random Acts of Kindness. Day 2 Challenge: Put a positive note somewhere around town (car, window, gas pump, desk, mirror).

Fact:  Preparation is the key to getting what you want. The days of preparing for something is diminishing. Regardless of what you want in life, you have to prepare for it. But in today's fast paced world it's a want and click lifestyle. The truth is, if we want wealth, we need to prepare to handle it. If we want health, we need to prepare to maintain it. It's all about that last word "maintain". We can obtain pretty much anything we want (I believe) but can we maintain it? The answer is yes if we prepare. We fail, not because we suck or we are lazy. We fail to maintain because we didn't prepare in the first place. Firefighters train. Athletes train. Religious leaders study. Yogis practice. When we are prepared we can be ready for what life throws us, even the "unplanned" stuff. What is your goal? Start preparing for it now. It's not about the destination but 100% about the journey. Here's a light read on Preparation - the keys to success.