Day 20 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 19: I am finally hungry. After 7 months of treatment and no desire to eat, feeling hungry is such a welcomed feeling. I used to despise hunger, now it's like an old friend I am thrilled to see again. At first I was so numb to eating that smoothies were just easy and did the trick. But actually eating something (even if it's a big fat salad) really is the most satisfying. Is it the masticating part? Not sure, but my mind and body seem more fulfilled. 

Day 20: Today is the day I get to hear Deepak Chopra live in person, someone who has been part of my own healing journey for years (through guided meditations). I am beyond excited. I think "isn't it serendipitous to be doing this cleanse and get the chance to hear Deepak live." I love little "God Wink" moments like this. This event is free to anyone who can make it. Register here.

Fact:  Are you chewing your food? I never really did. I am usually done before everyone else. But there are actually websites dedicated to discussing how to properly chew your food. The benefits seem common sense, but I was never taught them. Everything from healthier teeth, digestion support, less bad bacterial in the gut to better nutrient absorption. Those all seem pretty darn important. WikiHow even has photo tutorial on how to chew (I am laughing as I type this). Step 3 seems pretty important and somehow I have missed step 3 my whole life. "Step 3: Chew thoroughly. Although the exact number of chews vary with the texture of the food and the salivary glands of the person, the food should be a complete liquid and lose all texture.". Let the chewing begin.