Day 21 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 20: Holy Deepak! Yesterday was an amazing day filled with wonderful new and old friend interactions and the amazing Deepak Chopra. When you are aware of love around you everything else subsides (aka the normal daily stressors of life)...that's how I felt yesterday.  

Last night felt like a scene out of a movie. Crescent Park, in Laureate Park, is set in the center of the neighborhood surrounded by large modern, yet quaint looking homes. The crowd was intimate and excited. When DC arrived, you could feel the energy shift. The temperature had just dropped, but during the seated meditation the temperature didn't even matter. I felt a buzz throughout my body and the emotions and visuals he guided us to conjure up were beyond cathartic. I felt as if I was the only person there, yet in a sea of energy from the people around me. I am grateful for that experience for sure!


Day 21: What is that saying..."It take 21 days to create a habit"? Well I definitely know a new "mental habit" has been created or maybe it's been broken. I still have the same food beliefs that food can heal, but probably stronger than before. However my "unconscious" food beliefs that were passed on from generations and even by that damn ignorant food pyramid we were shown as a child, have been brought down to the ground...especially the idea about "proper proteins" that one needs to be "properly fueled". 21 days with no meat protein and I have never felt more energized. I am also owning the feeling of having more peace about my health and my approach to my own health. The voice in my head is quiet and less seeking, which means I've come to a very monumental place of peace. When you are constantly seeking, just being in a peaceful place is non-existent. 

Fact:  Our frontal lobe is activated during meditation. I feel the change, but I was curious how to keep that change active during my non-meditating parts of my day. Psychology Today puts it simply for us: "To achieve all that you do – to think, to plan, to reason, to manage your emotions, to make decisions, and to problem solve – is a major feat of your frontal lobe." This article provides 3 basic tips to engage that part of our brain: avoid going on automatic pilot, decrease the information overload & move beyond memory (this part I can check off...hahaha). Here's to lighting up that frontal lobe and bringing a little bliss to my normal day.