Day 22 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 21: My arse is killing me from yesterday. I literally sat on the couch all day yesterday doing my "other" work (I am a Photo Director for a company called - my secret life) and the administrative work for the juice bar. I sat and sat and I was stiff as a board. My body isn't used to sitting all day anymore and it's kinda nice to see the immediate negative impact to remind me this isn't the "lifestyle" I want. It's good to have a little contrast in one's life to remind us to stay on course. 

Day 22: So the goal today is to move. I woke up too late to do yoga today (bummer) but I plan to move my tush somehow. My other goal is to "sexy" up my food. My mother always said presentation is the key to enjoying a meal. I have one week left and I want to create more recipes that I will want to continue in my non-cleanse world. Even a smoothie can be sexy...passion fruit, ginger and mint can do the trick. Yum!

Fact: My mother was right again (damn it)! Here's a study by Oxford researchers that confirms that food presentation does make things taste better.