Day 27 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 26: I stayed up too late the night before and then yesterday was a day of over committing and pushing it past my threshold. When I feel alive I want to do everything all at once in case I crash and burn and miss the chance tomorrow. I see how this habit starts; I start feeling good and I push it and see I made it, push even harder the next day and then BAM... I am done for. The irony is I've read the same message over and over lately "The thing we fear is the thing we attract". Ah Ha moment (as I type)...I just wrote "When I feel alive I want to do everything all at once in case I crash and burn and miss the chance tomorrow."...and I created the exact thing I feared. Awesome! 

This is what my crash looked like yesterday...First, I couldn't make out a clear sentence twice (this is one of my original symptoms) and then I offered to drive someone to their dentist appt since it was raining (they don't have a car) and completely forgot about the dishwasher repair guy was waiting for me at the shop. The second part felt good to help out a friend, but I can drop everything in a moment and forget what I was just doing. 

No sleep = Set back. Set back = Opportunity to learn that lesson for the final time! 


  • Sleep is part of my formula for healing
  • Over committing is not healthy for me
  • I attract what I fear (our thoughts have that much power)

Day 27: Recovery day. Good food, take it slowly and to bed early.

Fact: Sleep is one of the most powerful natural healers we have access to for free and we don't take advantage of it. I used to pay for a Rx to sleep (yes I admit it). What the hell is wrong with us? We have the tools to sleep better and yet most of our society is sleep deprived. Here's 11 fun health benefits from getting a proper nights sleep. Here's a more serious list of impacts on our health from lack of sleep. And lastly here's how to actually shut off that brain and get our sleep. Sweet dreams!