Day 7 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 6: Yesterday I was on auto pilot as predicted (which sometimes isn't so bad).  I was also blessed by getting to see one of my best friend's newborn baby boy. Just watching him feed and feel so content in his mother's care was amazing to see. Even having your own children you forget that moment of birth and how natural everything falls into place. It was a reminder to trust in our instincts and keep listening to that voice that pushes us to do things that "feel good and safe". 

Day 7: Woot Woot! I made it a week! Have I been perfect with the cleanse? No, like this morning I was running so behind I only had my celery juice. But cheating has not been had. I won't allow myself to cheat. This is the game of life. Not to get too serious, but I want to live! I want to enjoy moments being fully present and not feeling like "shit" (there's no better word for it). Today is Ozone treatment (more on that tomorrow) and my last chiropractor appointment after pulling my back out due to a sneeze (wish I had a better story for that one!). Not sure if Chiropractic work is "part of the elements" of healing me, but I am open to it as well. Thankfully there is NO BONE cracking at this place. I have to say I feel damn great after it too. 

Fact: Everyone keeps talking about the spine being the highway of the body. I have even heard "highway to spirit" and "highway to health". On the Paleo Mom, she speaks to Dr. Keith Hassinger about the benefits and connection with healing Autoimmune disorders. He says "Scientifically, what has been shown are changes in different chemicals and cells in the body such; as an increase in immune molecules (Immunoglobulin, CD4 cells, etc.) and a decreases in stress hormones (i.e. cortisol). There are changes in these molecules because the adjustment stimulate signals to the brain. They stimulate what is called proprioceptive signals to the brain activating all different areas. These signals are actually required nutrients for the brain. Just like vegetables provide nutrients our body needs to function optimally, proprioceptive signals are requirements for the brain. When there are changes in these signals, different molecules are produced providing balance to the system and our bodies will function better especially when an autoimmune disease or syndrome is present."