Enter to Win a 29 Day ReBoot Challenge

What is the 29 Day ReBoot Challenge: 29 days of eating clean raw fruits and vegetables. Day 1 starts off with a one-day juice cleanse, followed by 28 days of a clean organic raw fruit and vegetable based diet, with a strong focus that goes beyond the food and integrates healing modalities to help cleanse and detox the body. This challenge is all about allowing your body to get back to square one.


Enter to Win $3,200 in juice, food & treatments:


1 One-Month Jumpstart Program & 1 cooking classes from:

FitLiving Eats, Health Coach

1 hour Intuitive Healing Session from:

Elyse Falzone, Healer

2 days a week, for 4 weeks of personal training from:

Jason Philyaw, Personal Trainer

2 Bio feedback sessions and 4 infrared sauna treatments from:

Healing House

1 day juice cleanse & 3 Juices a day for 29 days from:

Grounding Roots

2 Acupuncture treatments from:

College Park Acupuncture

3 Reiki sessions from:

Charity Wise, Healer

1 Massage from:

@ Peace Massage & Bodywork

1 CranioSacral Session from:

Dr. Shelley Lynch

30 minute introductory private yoga session and 5 classes from:

College Park Yoga

(4) $100 Gift Certificates to Whole Foods from:

Grounding Roots

1 Pit Cream & 4 Detox Bath Salts from:

Naked Bar Soap Co.

Case of Seasonal Organic Fruit from:

Albert's Organics


How to Submit:

  1. Breathe.
  2. Submit a Video or Written submission on Facebook or Instagram. In 4 minutes tell us about yourself, why you want to win the challenge and your intention of the challenge. Be sure to tag Grounding Roots so we can follow up. @groundingroots #29DayReBootChallenge
  3. Follow up by sending an email to: store@groundingroots.com with your contact info and a link to your submission (for back up reference).


Why submit online:

It’s about learning to be vulnerable and helping others become vulnerable through inspiration of seeing you online. While only one person will win, we believe everyone who shares their story online will win in many ways as well. A friend may read your post and ask to do the challenge with you or another friend will confide they too are feeling the same way.


What you need to be prepared: A Calendar & Blender. That’s it. 


Launch Day:

April 10th

Final Day to Submit:

April 24th - deadline Midnight on the 24th

Winner Selected:

April 25th - reviewed by team of practitioners

Winner Called:

April 26th - winner called

Winner Announced:

April 27th - winner announced on social

Meeting with Winner:

April 28th - juice tasting, schedule sessions and set intentions

Challenge for Everyone:

April 28th – Challenge announced for everyone on social

Challenge Start Date:

May 1st - Winner & Social Group Challenge Start Date


What we are looking for: Someone who is committed and ready to reboot their life and start living their best years! The winner needs to be open to being vulnerable, open to releasing the past, ready for change, has time to commit to making this work and is prepared to work hard for 29 days.


Why are we doing this: After Amanda, the co-owner of Grounding Roots, completed her own personal 29 day cleanse inspired by the Medical Medium, she wanted to give back and allow someone to experience the same positive experience she had. Each practitioner and company, included in this giveaway, positively impacted her own healing and has generously donated their time to help the winner change their life too. You can follow that journey here: Day 1-29 


What if you don’t win: For anyone who didn’t win but wants to do the challenge on their own, along side us - we will provide recipes, workouts, meditations, etc. for 29 Days online… In addition – you have the opportunity to get:

  • 20% off all juice, all week long for 29 days.
  • You can also enjoy discounts with some participating practitioners as well and enjoy their services. Just mention the 29 Day Challenge when you call. We will announce more of their offers as we get closer to announcing the winner.
  • Anyone who participates by posting about their 29-day journey will be entered to win a 2 Day Juice ReBoot from Grounding Roots.


Enter today!
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