Health First, Body Image Second

…but let that body image have a voice as it has many lessons to teach you.


Use your body as a meter of your health. Your shape, physical and emotional feelings are all part of our body chemistry that are keys to our health. Your body should be a reflection of your health, not the other way around. Our society focuses so much on image, that we push aside the importance of listening to what our body is really trying to tell us. Each culture has different physical appeals, but let’s remove that for a minute and focus on just ourselves.

We judge based on repetition of what we are told and past experiences. Our body and our soul carry the knowledge to our optimal health, we just have to cut out the external noise and give it a voice that we can hear.

Take a moment to listen. Close the door and be alone in a room. Look in the mirror and try to see what your body is trying to tell you. Is your skin dry and itchy? Are you broken out? Do you feel your body shape is not true to yourself? Don’t over analyze, just look. No self-hate talk allowed here, this is a safe zone. Write down what comes to your mind: “I feel my body is telling me X”. Next, lay down on your bed with your eyes closed and see how you feel. Do a body scan from your toes to your head. What aches? What feels good? Can you take a deep breath? Ask yourself: “What needs attention to have the most optimal health?” Whatever comes to your mind, write it down. Next compare your body image notes and your body scan notes. Are they saying the same thing?  

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Most of us will say no. It’s a vicious cycle of hating your body and that energy feeds the real issue. But go further and find out what is that real issue. And by that we mean how do you really feel? Are you feeling any discomfort? Emotional and physical pain are often considered separate issues, but both are elements of your body and deserve your attention. Our body communicates to us in many ways. It’s time to listen.

If you are unhappy (in your own skin or in life) we believe it’s your body chemistry that is communicating to you. Take a day and just focus on your health and see how you feel. Take each day at a time and slowly all will come into balance.

Let how you feel be your scale.

If you focus on your health, then your body image will come into balance over time. Give yourself the time and space to focus internally and the external will shine as proof of your care to yourself. 

Recommended Baby Steps to Good Internal Health:

  1. Week 1: Eat healthy (this means only real food…if you can envision the source not the machine it was made in then it’s real food)
  2. Week 2: Add in Meditatation (5 minutes of just breathing to start out with)
  3. Week 3: Add in Gratitude (be thankful for at least 3 things each day – we call those TOP 3’s)
  4. Week 4: Add in Movement (yoga, walk, workout, do whatever your body needs right now, but only if you are fueled properly with good nutrition)


Image by: Dmitry Kotov