Meet Dale

Dale Revels

Meet Dale. He’s one of our original customers and if you don’t know him you must. His energy is contagious. 4 years ago he came to us telling us his doctor was concerned about his liver enzyme levels after his recent blood tests. She recommended he stopped drinking and get healthy. Well if you know Dales he’s a social happy guy who loves his life the way it is. Jed, our co-founder, recommended he try a shot a day of GTL (ginger, turmeric, lemon and black pepper). After 3 months he retook his labs and the doctor came into the exam room and was overjoyed. She said “finally someone listened to me. I am so proud of you for not drinking to bring your levels down”. Dale smiled and accepted her excitement. 4 years later Dale continues to do a shot a day and his labs continue to look good.

Maybe our slogan should e “A shot of GTL a day does keep the doctor away”.

It’s less about copying what Dale did, and more about listening to your own intuition. Here’s an example of one tiny change Dale made that had a huge impact on his health. Ask yourself what is one thing that you could do daily to change your health in a positive way?

100oz. of Water and lemon (add pink salt to taste for added minerals). Budget worthy action of a juice or shot a day. You can even make it at home. Check out this video of Carly from FitLiving Eats making her own.

The point is, we are health advocates. We want you living your best life without sacrificing what makes you uniquely you!