Post Cleanse Week 1

Coming off of a cleanse deserves way more attention than the cleanse itself. It's really the post impact that no one really talks or warns you about. Monday morning after the cleanse I felt down and out. If you know me I am not a down person...more "Pollyanna" as some might say. But I realized I was down because I was mourning the loss of my cleanse. After many conversations with myself I realized it was more from boredom of not having something to focus on. Having a focus is energizing. In that moment I decided to find a new focus, so I made a small list of new goals to challenge myself. 

Life is easy when your mind is distracted by the things you love. I love food, I love being creative and I love feeling like I am doing something worth meaning. Still taking care of my health has to stay a priority and I think somewhere deep down I was afraid I was going to revert back to "All is good now" and let my guard down. Well over doing it is my middle name for sure, but I am also more equipped now to recognize it (that was another blessing of cleanse beyond the healing part). I can now recognize that I overdid it and allow myself time to recover (i.e. dancing for 3 straight hours and going bed to 1am does count - and yes that did happen on my last night of the cleanse - epic healing celebration).

Post Cleanse Week 1:

1. I introduced cooked veggies this week. "The best thing I've ever tasted" was my thought with each new bite. I also learned that yams bloat me (but worth every single inch of bloat)! And I continued to add jalepeño to everything.
2. I planned out a new 6am schedule for myself (instead of jumping on the computer before kids wake up): 
  • M: Healing (just meditation)
  • T: Workout 
  • W: Yoga 
  • TR: Workout
  • F: Healing (just meditation + holistic treatment day for detox)
  • S: Yoga
  • S: Free
3. I over did it. But I recognized it and set up week 2 for more recovery time. If I swing the pendulum too much one way it has to swing the opposite way to bring me back to center. Taoism 101.
4. I wrapped up the week nicely with a fun, invigorating and packed day. Morning walk with a new friend. Kid birthday party with old friends. Late afternoon I attended an outside yoga+smoothie bowl workshop with Carly Ferguson and Megan Grafton, along with awesome women. It was such a treat for my body and soul (and stomach). In savasana, there was a moment that the wind whipped through that you couldn't deny spirit was present. It felt like a God wink moment confirming I was in the right place at the right time. Followed by a moment alone with my son outside where he asked me "How's your day going mom?". What a moment. Then I ended the day with yummy cauliflower, (yep still on the new bloat list), the company one of my best friends, tea and her new born baby (men and kids were out at a hockey game). All in one day and bam! 


I was gifted the awesome book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There's Life After Death and found such a golden nugget in it this week.  

The sister asks what is the secret to happiness and Billy responds with: "People spend lots of time on things that make them unhappy__too much focus on the sand in the oyster. To cultivate joy, pay attention to what you like." 

This is how I plan to practice living and teaching my kids to live. So simple.