Post Cleanse Week 2

It's so fascinating to reintroduce foods and see how the body responds. I was so excited to experience the past 2 weeks (cooked veggies and rice) to only be disappointed that my body doesn't like it as much as I do. 2 months prior to doing this cleanse I had my Chinese doctor tell me to stop eating vegetables (root and non-seeded vegetables) based on my body type of Metal Yang. I thought it was crazy, but I tried it. So I stopped eating anything with greens, etc...well I felt awful and relapsed (I was eating grains and meats on this metal diet too). However I did notice that my dry skin was gone. But that was all. So fast forward to the cleanse...I did mostly seeded veggies and fruit and I felt great (the type of produce recommended on the metal diet) and my skin was fine. After the cleanse I introduced more cooked root and non-seeded veggies and I dried back up. Interesting!!! So maybe she wasn't too far off. So now what?

Post Cleanse Week 2:

1. Bloated and sluggish is the feeling of the week = my new foods are not serving me the way I had hoped. I am going back to my raw cleanse to bring back the energy I want. 
2. Brrrrrr =  if you know me you know I am usually in a jacket, unless it's 90 degrees outside. I've been looking into warming foods to put into the mix. Eating raw does cause the body to become "cooler". 
3. I am making a "me" food list of what works for me so I can truly start to understand my own body even more. No one diet is for everyone. I want to be the Tom Brady of my life. Winning!!! This article on how Tom eats goes against the NFL's recommended lifestyle. I love anyone who goes against the grain to find what's right for them.
3. I met a woman this past week that is dealing with similar things as I have for the past 22 years (she's been dealing for 16 years and is younger than me). Feeling good shouldn't be a privilege only available to a group of people. Her journey has been long and there's still more to go. It's meeting awesome people like her that remind me why I am on the quest. I am positive we can get there again.
This whole experience is like peeling back an onion. With each new experience you learn what your body needs. You know there is a few more layers to peel back, but you also know there's a center with the answer. That center is what keeps me peeling away.