Post Cleanse Week 3

Sometimes I think I am pretty smart and then I reread something and wonder "why did that info not stick the first time?". I never once associated my stomach bloat with my tiredness. So after being bloated for 2 weeks and totally feeling frustrated and let down (after 4 weeks of 99% awesomeness) I started reading again about gut health. I started with the Medical Medium chapter on Gut Health and the first few lines stated that bloat will cause exhaustion and went on to explain why. If properly not chewed or digested the food starts to rot and build up gas and that gas seeps into your blood and causes you to feel sluggish...well that makes sense. A definite "ah ha" moment.

That "ah ha" moment was very freeing. Here's what I decided at that moment. Based on the facts that I know I can go without bloat and feel better (because I was there). Seconded I decided I can keep working towards that feeling without a "deadline". I know to avoid the foods that cause me bloat, without panic. If I bloat, I can recover. I lived years with fear and always felt food was my enemy. No longer. 

Post Cleanse Week 3:

Where am I at with this plan?

1. I am still doing mostly a Raw Vegan approach for right now. I did eat rice and tried oatmeal (I can skip that in the future). If my mother cooks me some roasted veggies, I will eat it. I refuse to be a prisoner to my mission. My mission is to free me, not to contain me.

2. I feel so much stronger and better this week avoiding cooked foods and making new raw food choices (even with little sleep and sick kiddos).

3. I got back to working out with my amazing trainer Jason and I was thrilled to be back in the gym and survive the workout. That's a definite win.

4. I started 6am yoga with a new teacher and friend, Megan Grafton. Totally centered me and helped me center myself and my body. Now if I can keep up my Saturday at College Park Yoga and Wednesday session with Megan, I will be in an awesome flow.

5. Had cupping again this week and it was just what I needed to release some tension and toxins.

For anyone struggling to find freedom from "that thing" (weight, disease, pain, etc...)...ask yourself "Am I a prisoner or a freedom fighter?" This doesn't mean your mission is wrong, just maybe the approach or mindset needs tweaking. If it's not working, keeping trying new ways to finding your way out. Don't give up, just change direction. Join me and be a freedom fighter to health!