Post Cleanse Week 4

Today, I write this as I lay in bed recovering from the flu (ironic huh). I realized this flu was one hell of a strange gift. The Flu=my hope. No I am not delirious with fever (not anymore atleast).

  • Day 1, I felt as though "I got this... I am good"
  • Day 2 "Not so bad"
  • Day 3 "Oh shit I am dying" 
  • Day 4 "Just take me out back and shoot me"
  • Day 5..."There is HOPE!".

Whenever I got sick in the past and I'd promise myself "I will do better, I will take better care of myself, I will appreciate my body more...blah blah blah". And then go back to my stressed ways. This time it was more of "what the hell is gonna make you happier when you come out of this?". I realized I am still easily stressed (post cleanse) and moving 100 miles an hour and will end up right back here if I don't get a handle on my stress (ps I do it to myself). I realized I am not doing the one thing that gives me "my life force". I don't even know what that one thing is. So now I am off to find it. I need to find it...I need to share these lessons with my children and teach them to be happy means to be "in the flow", to find their own flow and enjoy every moment. I've have felt the flow...I especially felt in during the 29 Day Cleanse for sure. Getting my health back (even with the flu) has shown me I have been living a very controlled-protected-non-stop life and I can no longer do this to myself or my family. It's time to break free. 

This cleanse, not only has helped my body start the healing process (I say that because it's still recovering) but it also gave me some guidance back to life. It has altered my belief system. I am forever grateful for it.

What I've realized documenting the post cleanse is...the cleanse goes beyond the 29 days. The real healing starts after the cleanse. It's not smooth sailing the whole time as a lot of emotions detox, as well, but with an amazing group of people around you, those rough waters are worth the entire trip. And it's those exact rough waters that are the teachers in our lives.

My belief is...we all deserve to feel good, eat real food, enjoy life and be PAIN FREE...and dare I say...even look good! (I am still vain).

I am very close to releasing the 29 Day ReBoot Challenge Giveaway. We have an amazing group of people and practitioners who have donated their services to help one person take the leap. If you or someone you know has been dealing with a health issue (known or unknown) send this to them. Get them thinking about taking the leap with us.

PS - If you are 2 weeks my husband and I are prepping for Ayahuasca. No meat (easy for me - still eating mostly raw vegan), No Sex (ba ha ha) and a bunch of other stuff ;). I will blog about this after the experience. Shall be interesting to say the least! I am sure more pooping will be involved! Oy!