The Bee Whisperer

Meet Oxx, our local bee keeper, bee removal expert, and honey supplier. We call him the Bee Whisperer.  The moment my family met Oxx, we fell in love with the man who is passionate about bees and is on a mission to save these little guys. Without bees our business of juicing would not exist. We owe a lot to the bees and to Oxx. Learn a little bit about the man we are so honored to know and some important tips to help keep the bees around.

photo credit: Carlos Amoedo


Q: Why are honey bees important? 

Oxx: Worldwide there are more honey bees than any other type of bee or pollinating insect. Honey bees are the world's most important pollinator of food crops. They pollinate around 70% of the food we consume daily. Here’s an article about bees being added to the “endangered species” list for the first time. This is an important time in our life to consider what is happening to these creatures and how their extinction will truly impact us.


Q: What would happen if bees go extinct?

Oxx: All the plants that bees pollinate and all of the animals that eat those plants will have a difficult time surviving. The people that consume those animals will also be affected. This means a world without bees would struggle to sustain the global human population of 7 billion people. Our supermarkets would have half the amount of fruit and vegetables.

Q: What are 3 simple things can we do to help the bee population?


  1. Plant bee friendly flowers and flowering herbs in your garden and lawn.
  2. Do not use pesticides or chemicals to fertilize or treat anything in your lawn or garden.
  3. Learn how to become a beekeeper with sustainable practices.


Q: How did you became a beekeeper?

Oxx: I was born on the island of St. Lucia. We always ate raw honey growing up and used it as medicine for coughs and colds. I moved to St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. After Hurricane Hugo in 1989, a tree fell down and I remember grabbing raw honeycomb and eating it. I've been chasing that taste ever since. Growing up in New York I always looked for raw honey with the comb. When I moved to Florida I lived in Jacksonville for a few years and found a local beekeeper and I bought the comb from him all the time. In 2013 he told me he wasn't going to carry it anymore. I asked him to mentor me in beekeeping, but he said no. I decided to learn how to keep bees from the internet, books, and seminars. I have been beekeeping ever since. 


Q: We joke that you are the Bee Whisperer, but truly you are amazing. What are a few things that I didn’t ask you that you want our community to know about bees?

Oxx: Honey bees are very gentle insects. It is proven that they remember faces. It has been said that bees evolved 150 million years ago but recent study has found a fossil that dated bees have only been around for 68 million years.

If you are interested in helping save the bees and you want to bring bees into your backyard click here to learn more. 

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