The Healing Process


For those of you who are new to my story, feel free to start at the beginning here or stay right where you are, in the present. From Sjögren's to Lyme-MSIDS to Non-HIV B Cell AIDS, all have been theories or diagnoses. Well, at this point a title doesn't do much for me other than connect me with other people who are just as lost. However, I feel very healthy and grounded. It's been a long year and a half, but the last fall brought me so much healing. Here are all the details. Warning: more poop talk. If you remember my first 29 Day Challenge you'll appreciate it..hahaha. I also use f*ck with passion here.

First and foremost, you must understand that laughter is my favorite medicine. I personally may not laugh every day, but there is not a day that goes by where I don't make a family member or friend laugh when I text them, "I can't talk, I am making a cafe latte" or I am laughing because I hear the Folgers jingle modified by my loving husband, "The best part of waking up is Folgers in my….arse". If you are totally lost jump here to catch up. Laughing has renewed my soul in so many ways.

I've had amazing doctors along the way all whom I would highly recommend. When I met Dr. Sangeeta Pati she looked at me as if she knew me. That made me uncomfortable, because I never wanted to let out the truth but also comfortable, knowing I couldn't lie. The truth was that I was scared as fuck to die. So she tapped into my will to live and gave me the best advice: “Do nothing for 3 months”. Yeah, right I thought. She looked at me seriously. If I wanted to heal, I had to start at ground zero. Oh boy. Best advice and prescription anyone gave me. But wait I had to be a Mom the fuck will I do this? Insert amazing family and friend support. Okay, 3 months done. The saying "if there's a will there's a way" has new meaning now for sure. Then the real work started. Maintaining a life with daily treatments.

All the things I did a year a half ago I still do today and when I let even two days slip by, due to the fact that I sometimes forget the extraterrestrial things raging inside me, I crash. Yup, that easily and quickly. However, recovery is similar to a bad hangover. Too much toxin overload and back to my routine I go...and then I’m back to normal in one day. That right there is one of the most powerful lessons. Our body wants to heal but needs us to make healthy decisions like who we spend time with, when we sleep (if we have the time) and what we put into our bodies and hopefully what we think.

To date, I have not successfully battled the infection as I was not healthy enough. Last week I was given the go-ahead to start fighting the actual infection. I hope it warrants another post worthy to share. Stay tuned…

Until then, here's a day in the life of someone with too many diagnoses’ and a will to live. If you ever feel stressed, overwhelmed or just disconnected from yourself or your source, try one of these things. Who knows, maybe it will bring you some peace but if not, it will definitely rid you of any sort of constipation...hahaha.

6 AM - 9 AM:

  1. Wake up and drink 8oz. of warm distilled water and thyroid medicine.
  2. Draw a bath and warm up enemas (4 in total).
  3. 3 water enemas to empty out bowels
  4. 2 TBSP Argentyn 23 (Colloidal Silver - best on the market and only one I recommend - sublingual)
  5. Fill 200 cc of ozone. While being made, stretch and do a yoga series
  6. Insert Ozone (rectal) to be held for 20 minutes while using Oxygen (nasal) in a hot tub for 20 minutes - this warms up the body for circulation and detox while the ozone is getting into my bloodstream to help keep infection down while oxygenating the blood for optimal healing.
  7. Daily juice (while in the tub... I usually only do one juice a day)
  8. I always say a mantra and prayer in the tub. My favorite song during prayer right now is by Philipp Stegmüller and then I switch to Pandora for some Instrumental Brothers or Mozart in the Jungle Season 4 playlists. It drowns out any noise and puts me in a chill mood.
  9. Then I get out and do the coffee enema and lay down for 20 minutes on my right side
  10. I read the whole time in the bath and while laying down. (Need a good book? Ask me!)
  11. Release coffee after 20 min and shower to rinse off all the toxins I sweated out.
  12. Take supplements and other prescriptions such as Cortisol (3 times daily), Heparin injections (twice daily) and b12 injections twice a week

9 AM

My favorite time of day: breakfast with the babes. Then I get to work + homeschool + life + 80 oz of water a day (Water, GTL and Pink Salt to taste) + herbal teas all day.

Evening Routine

  1. Prep for my morning ritual
  2. Make coffee and water enemas (distilled water and ⅛ tsp pink salt)
  3. 2 TBSP of Kashaya therapeutic
  4. Evening supplements
  5. Glutathione (only when worried)

Sleep Routine

I require 7, not 8 hours to feel rested. I learned this years ago and find it to be true still to this day. I really try to be in bed by 10:30 PM; I read and usually fall asleep by 11 PM. Sleep and repeat...every single day.

How long will I do this for? Possibly forever, if it keeps working. This is a life commitment to living. I have accepted my journey. You have to in order to keep moving ahead.

Travel? I travel with oxygen tanks and coffee. 

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*Our new location and online store coming soon will be carrying everything listed above that is available for us to sell.

My Mission is to keep living, healing, and researching until there's more noise and hopefully a cure for this "epidemic" that is not talked about enough.