Trust Your Gut: 29 Days That Changed a Life

Our mission at Grounding Roots has always been to heal and to fill people’s lives with health and happiness. We recognize the challenge in eating well and eating right. Even more so, we recognize how it has become increasingly difficult to take care of oneself completely: mind, body, and soul. We get to change people’s perspectives and health every time they walk in our store (regardless of whether or not they actually purchase the juice). For some, all it takes is one juice to change. For others, however, it can take more. There are a million reasons why people are scared to make a change in their life- fear, finances, doubt, etc. That’s why we wanted to give one person the opportunity to change their life for the better. It started as an idea to get people to participate in a challenge together, and draw awareness to the benefits of juicing and eating clean, but we learned from day one this was not the true purpose of our 29-Day Challenge. While it changed the winner’s life, it most certainly changed the lives of our Grounding Roots team members as well. 

 The idea was simple: eat raw fruits and vegetables for 29 days. After posting a video of our own explaining the challenge, we had people submit videos telling us why they should win the grand prize. This included some pretty amazing experiences, such as massages, personal training, grocery gift cards, yoga, and of course, juice. Some people who submitted simply wanted to jump-start a new lifestyle. Others wanted to lose weight. And while we were honored that all these people wanted to share their stories with us, there was one person in particular who stood out. Meet the winner of our 29-Day Challenge, Sarah Burke. A hard-working mother and wife, Sarah has suffered for years with a chronic digestive condition that she now knows is Ulcerative Colitis.


 “I wanted to solve this with a natural approach, even though my GI specialist was telling me that what I ate had NOTHING to do with my digestive condition," Burke said. This is how her journey to heal began. Feeling lost and scared, she tried every alternative practice known to her, yet nothing helped. She eventually stabilized her condition on a Paleo Diet, but not all her symptoms were alleviated and she still had flare ups. With her condition, she has a very high risk of developing colon cancer. “I had a ticking clock in the back of my head telling myself I had to get this thing under control or I was in serious trouble. Then one day, I walked into Grounding Roots.” After everyone voted on the video submissions, Sarah’s video received the most votes and we contacted her to tell her she won.

"I knew in my heart I had to win this."   

We didn’t call it the 29-Day Challenge for nothing. It was hard work. Not only did Sarah have to completely alter her diet and lifestyle, she had to work on herself spiritually as well. “My condition is absolutely influenced by stress and emotional fluctuations. I had never addressed that part of myself and it was hard to go that deep,” Burke confessed. She found that her new diet was satisfying and enjoyable, and it was fun trying new recipes. The hardest part was accepting that she deserved this amazing opportunity, and that it was meant to be that she won. Once she was able to change her mindset, she was able to fully reap the benefits of all that the challenge had to offer her.

 “I learned how to take time to take care of myself, how to accept generosity from others and how to be open and vulnerable in order to ultimately experience healing from the inside out.” 

And while she had her fair share of struggles, she was also able to enjoy her lifestyle change and all the new experiences that came with it. Some highlights for Sarah included getting a massage, taking a raw foods cooking class, meditation and yoga classes, and an acupuncture session. She walked away from this challenge feeling empowered, strong, and confident in her abilities to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. The best part of all, though, is that after dedicating three months to eating raw and clean, Sarah is completely symptom free. She isn’t planning on stopping any time soon, and says she “cannot wait to go back to my GI doctor in a year and tell him that food has EVERYTHING to do with my condition, and to share my success of healing without medication.”

Food is the best medicine: “I had more energy, more life, more pep in my step when consuming foods and juice so rich in organic nutrients and that were completely unadulterated- simply eating and drinking clean- thank you to Grounding Roots for that!”

Not many people recognize the importance of taking care of oneself completely. There are so many aspects that contribute to leading a healthy, fulfilling life. And let me be clear: you don’t need to dedicate 29 days to completely changing every aspect of your life in order to be healthy. Starting with small changes will make your journey easier and more successful in the end. We have one body and one life, and it is vital that more people realize this, like Sarah has. People often think that food is the only component to being healthy, but this simply is not the case. Our health is derived from our ability to love and take care of ourselves.Yoga, meditation, exercise, and doing things that make us happy are essential to being healthy. So while juicing and eating clean are absolutely important, they are only a piece of the puzzle. Trust your gut and you will always know what you need to do in order to be the best version of yourself.