April 10, 2017

Enter to Win a 29 Day ReBoot Challenge

What is the 29 Day ReBoot Challenge: 29 days of eating clean raw fruits and vegetables. Day 1 starts off with a one-day juice cleanse, followed by 28 days of a clean organic raw fruit and vegetable based diet, with a strong focus that goes beyond the food and integrates healing modalities to help cleanse and detox the body. This challenge is all about allowing your body to get back to square one.


Enter to Win $3,200 in juice, food & treatments:


1 One-Month Jumpstart Program & 1 cooking classes from:

FitLiving Eats, Health Coach

1 hour Intuitive Healing Session from:

Elyse Falzone, Healer

2 days a week, for 4 weeks of personal training from:

Jason Philyaw, Personal Trainer

2 Bio feedback sessions and 4 infrared sauna treatments from:

Healing House

1 day juice cleanse & 3 Juices a day for 29 days from:

Grounding Roots

2 Acupuncture treatments from:

College Park Acupuncture

3 Reiki sessions from:

Charity Wise, Healer

1 Massage from:

@ Peace Massage & Bodywork

1 CranioSacral Session from:

Dr. Shelley Lynch

30 minute introductory private yoga session and 5 classes from:

College Park Yoga

(4) $100 Gift Certificates to Whole Foods from:

Grounding Roots

1 Pit Cream & 4 Detox Bath Salts from:

Naked Bar Soap Co.

Case of Seasonal Organic Fruit from:

Albert's Organics


How to Submit:

  1. Breathe.
  2. Submit a Video or Written submission on Facebook or Instagram. In 4 minutes tell us about yourself, why you want to win the challenge and your intention of the challenge. Be sure to tag Grounding Roots so we can follow up. @groundingroots #29DayReBootChallenge
  3. Follow up by sending an email to: store@groundingroots.com with your contact info and a link to your submission (for back up reference).


Why submit online:

It’s about learning to be vulnerable and helping others become vulnerable through inspiration of seeing you online. While only one person will win, we believe everyone who shares their story online will win in many ways as well. A friend may read your post and ask to do the challenge with you or another friend will confide they too are feeling the same way.


What you need to be prepared: A Calendar & Blender. That’s it. 


Launch Day:

April 10th

Final Day to Submit:

April 24th - deadline Midnight on the 24th

Winner Selected:

April 25th - reviewed by team of practitioners

Winner Called:

April 26th - winner called

Winner Announced:

April 27th - winner announced on social

Meeting with Winner:

April 28th - juice tasting, schedule sessions and set intentions

Challenge for Everyone:

April 28th – Challenge announced for everyone on social

Challenge Start Date:

May 1st - Winner & Social Group Challenge Start Date


What we are looking for: Someone who is committed and ready to reboot their life and start living their best years! The winner needs to be open to being vulnerable, open to releasing the past, ready for change, has time to commit to making this work and is prepared to work hard for 29 days.


Why are we doing this: After Amanda, the co-owner of Grounding Roots, completed her own personal 29 day cleanse inspired by the Medical Medium, she wanted to give back and allow someone to experience the same positive experience she had. Each practitioner and company, included in this giveaway, positively impacted her own healing and has generously donated their time to help the winner change their life too. You can follow that journey here: Day 1-29 


What if you don’t win: For anyone who didn’t win but wants to do the challenge on their own, along side us - we will provide recipes, workouts, meditations, etc. for 29 Days online… In addition – you have the opportunity to get:

  • 20% off all juice, all week long for 29 days.
  • You can also enjoy discounts with some participating practitioners as well and enjoy their services. Just mention the 29 Day Challenge when you call. We will announce more of their offers as we get closer to announcing the winner.
  • Anyone who participates by posting about their 29-day journey will be entered to win a 2 Day Juice ReBoot from Grounding Roots.


Enter today!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groundingroots/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/groundingroots/


March 26, 2017

Post Cleanse Week 4

Today, I write this as I lay in bed recovering from the flu (ironic huh). I realized this flu was one hell of a strange gift. The Flu=my hope. No I am not delirious with fever (not anymore atleast).

  • Day 1, I felt as though "I got this... I am good"
  • Day 2 "Not so bad"
  • Day 3 "Oh shit I am dying" 
  • Day 4 "Just take me out back and shoot me"
  • Day 5..."There is HOPE!".

Whenever I got sick in the past and I'd promise myself "I will do better, I will take better care of myself, I will appreciate my body more...blah blah blah". And then go back to my stressed ways. This time it was more of "what the hell is gonna make you happier when you come out of this?". I realized I am still easily stressed (post cleanse) and moving 100 miles an hour and will end up right back here if I don't get a handle on my stress (ps I do it to myself). I realized I am not doing the one thing that gives me "my life force". I don't even know what that one thing is. So now I am off to find it. I need to find it...I need to share these lessons with my children and teach them to be happy means to be "in the flow", to find their own flow and enjoy every moment. I've have felt the flow...I especially felt in during the 29 Day Cleanse for sure. Getting my health back (even with the flu) has shown me I have been living a very controlled-protected-non-stop life and I can no longer do this to myself or my family. It's time to break free. 

This cleanse, not only has helped my body start the healing process (I say that because it's still recovering) but it also gave me some guidance back to life. It has altered my belief system. I am forever grateful for it.

What I've realized documenting the post cleanse is...the cleanse goes beyond the 29 days. The real healing starts after the cleanse. It's not smooth sailing the whole time as a lot of emotions detox, as well, but with an amazing group of people around you, those rough waters are worth the entire trip. And it's those exact rough waters that are the teachers in our lives.

My belief is...we all deserve to feel good, eat real food, enjoy life and be PAIN FREE...and dare I say...even look good! (I am still vain).

I am very close to releasing the 29 Day ReBoot Challenge Giveaway. We have an amazing group of people and practitioners who have donated their services to help one person take the leap. If you or someone you know has been dealing with a health issue (known or unknown) send this to them. Get them thinking about taking the leap with us.

PS - If you are curious...next 2 weeks my husband and I are prepping for Ayahuasca. No meat (easy for me - still eating mostly raw vegan), No Sex (ba ha ha) and a bunch of other stuff ;). I will blog about this after the experience. Shall be interesting to say the least! I am sure more pooping will be involved! Oy!

March 19, 2017

Post Cleanse Week 3

Sometimes I think I am pretty smart and then I reread something and wonder "why did that info not stick the first time?". I never once associated my stomach bloat with my tiredness. So after being bloated for 2 weeks and totally feeling frustrated and let down (after 4 weeks of 99% awesomeness) I started reading again about gut health. I started with the Medical Medium chapter on Gut Health and the first few lines stated that bloat will cause exhaustion and went on to explain why. If properly not chewed or digested the food starts to rot and build up gas and that gas seeps into your blood and causes you to feel sluggish...well that makes sense. A definite "ah ha" moment.

That "ah ha" moment was very freeing. Here's what I decided at that moment. Based on the facts that I know I can go without bloat and feel better (because I was there). Seconded I decided I can keep working towards that feeling without a "deadline". I know to avoid the foods that cause me bloat, without panic. If I bloat, I can recover. I lived years with fear and always felt food was my enemy. No longer. 

Post Cleanse Week 3:

Where am I at with this plan?

1. I am still doing mostly a Raw Vegan approach for right now. I did eat rice and tried oatmeal (I can skip that in the future). If my mother cooks me some roasted veggies, I will eat it. I refuse to be a prisoner to my mission. My mission is to free me, not to contain me.

2. I feel so much stronger and better this week avoiding cooked foods and making new raw food choices (even with little sleep and sick kiddos).

3. I got back to working out with my amazing trainer Jason and I was thrilled to be back in the gym and survive the workout. That's a definite win.

4. I started 6am yoga with a new teacher and friend, Megan Grafton. Totally centered me and helped me center myself and my body. Now if I can keep up my Saturday at College Park Yoga and Wednesday session with Megan, I will be in an awesome flow.

5. Had cupping again this week and it was just what I needed to release some tension and toxins.

For anyone struggling to find freedom from "that thing" (weight, disease, pain, etc...)...ask yourself "Am I a prisoner or a freedom fighter?" This doesn't mean your mission is wrong, just maybe the approach or mindset needs tweaking. If it's not working, keeping trying new ways to finding your way out. Don't give up, just change direction. Join me and be a freedom fighter to health!

March 12, 2017

Post Cleanse Week 2

It's so fascinating to reintroduce foods and see how the body responds. I was so excited to experience the past 2 weeks (cooked veggies and rice) to only be disappointed that my body doesn't like it as much as I do. 2 months prior to doing this cleanse I had my Chinese doctor tell me to stop eating vegetables (root and non-seeded vegetables) based on my body type of Metal Yang. I thought it was crazy, but I tried it. So I stopped eating anything with greens, etc...well I felt awful and relapsed (I was eating grains and meats on this metal diet too). However I did notice that my dry skin was gone. But that was all. So fast forward to the cleanse...I did mostly seeded veggies and fruit and I felt great (the type of produce recommended on the metal diet) and my skin was fine. After the cleanse I introduced more cooked root and non-seeded veggies and I dried back up. Interesting!!! So maybe she wasn't too far off. So now what?

Post Cleanse Week 2:

1. Bloated and sluggish is the feeling of the week = my new foods are not serving me the way I had hoped. I am going back to my raw cleanse to bring back the energy I want. 
2. Brrrrrr =  if you know me you know I am usually in a jacket, unless it's 90 degrees outside. I've been looking into warming foods to put into the mix. Eating raw does cause the body to become "cooler". 
3. I am making a "me" food list of what works for me so I can truly start to understand my own body even more. No one diet is for everyone. I want to be the Tom Brady of my life. Winning!!! This article on how Tom eats goes against the NFL's recommended lifestyle. I love anyone who goes against the grain to find what's right for them.
3. I met a woman this past week that is dealing with similar things as I have for the past 22 years (she's been dealing for 16 years and is younger than me). Feeling good shouldn't be a privilege only available to a group of people. Her journey has been long and there's still more to go. It's meeting awesome people like her that remind me why I am on the quest. I am positive we can get there again.
This whole experience is like peeling back an onion. With each new experience you learn what your body needs. You know there is a few more layers to peel back, but you also know there's a center with the answer. That center is what keeps me peeling away.
March 05, 2017

Post Cleanse Week 1

Coming off of a cleanse deserves way more attention than the cleanse itself. It's really the post impact that no one really talks or warns you about. Monday morning after the cleanse I felt down and out. If you know me I am not a down person...more "Pollyanna" as some might say. But I realized I was down because I was mourning the loss of my cleanse. After many conversations with myself I realized it was more from boredom of not having something to focus on. Having a focus is energizing. In that moment I decided to find a new focus, so I made a small list of new goals to challenge myself. 

Life is easy when your mind is distracted by the things you love. I love food, I love being creative and I love feeling like I am doing something worth meaning. Still taking care of my health has to stay a priority and I think somewhere deep down I was afraid I was going to revert back to "All is good now" and let my guard down. Well over doing it is my middle name for sure, but I am also more equipped now to recognize it (that was another blessing of cleanse beyond the healing part). I can now recognize that I overdid it and allow myself time to recover (i.e. dancing for 3 straight hours and going bed to 1am does count - and yes that did happen on my last night of the cleanse - epic healing celebration).

Post Cleanse Week 1:

1. I introduced cooked veggies this week. "The best thing I've ever tasted" was my thought with each new bite. I also learned that yams bloat me (but worth every single inch of bloat)! And I continued to add jalepeño to everything.
2. I planned out a new 6am schedule for myself (instead of jumping on the computer before kids wake up): 
  • M: Healing (just meditation)
  • T: Workout 
  • W: Yoga 
  • TR: Workout
  • F: Healing (just meditation + holistic treatment day for detox)
  • S: Yoga
  • S: Free
3. I over did it. But I recognized it and set up week 2 for more recovery time. If I swing the pendulum too much one way it has to swing the opposite way to bring me back to center. Taoism 101.
4. I wrapped up the week nicely with a fun, invigorating and packed day. Morning walk with a new friend. Kid birthday party with old friends. Late afternoon I attended an outside yoga+smoothie bowl workshop with Carly Ferguson and Megan Grafton, along with awesome women. It was such a treat for my body and soul (and stomach). In savasana, there was a moment that the wind whipped through that you couldn't deny spirit was present. It felt like a God wink moment confirming I was in the right place at the right time. Followed by a moment alone with my son outside where he asked me "How's your day going mom?". What a moment. Then I ended the day with yummy cauliflower, (yep still on the new bloat list), the company one of my best friends, tea and her new born baby (men and kids were out at a hockey game). All in one day and bam! 


I was gifted the awesome book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There's Life After Death and found such a golden nugget in it this week.  

The sister asks what is the secret to happiness and Billy responds with: "People spend lots of time on things that make them unhappy__too much focus on the sand in the oyster. To cultivate joy, pay attention to what you like." 

This is how I plan to practice living and teaching my kids to live. So simple.

February 25, 2017

Day 29 of my 29 day Cleanse

“The living food brings you back to life.”
-William, Anthony. “Medical Medium.” 

Be sure to read the bottom...I am excited to share this experience with someone who is ready for it!

Recap of Day 28: When you realize something is coming to an end, we hold on for dear life. That was me all day. I watched every moment more as the observer in awe. When you observe you witness some pretty amazing moments. While volunteering in my son's art class yesterday a magical moment happened. They were learning about Navajo sand painting and when his teacher asked for a recap of the lesson from the week before my son said "they used sand painting as a form of medicine for their people". My pride that my son understood that and took away a very important lesson. The power of healing is possible and comes in many different forms (not just a Rx bottle).

Day 29: I've dreamt of this day and wondered how I would feel. Well it's here and I get to say "I feel amazing". I also feel hungry, blessed, excited, thankful, open and cured. Yes I say that word because that is what I feel. I believe my health is in my hands and I choose to be cured. This wasn't just a reboot of health, this was a life reboot. I ate raw for 29 days, shaved my head, talked about poop, meditated with Deepak Chopra and had the most amazing team of holistic practitioners care for me (from massage, infrared, ozone, craniosacral to acupuncture and everything in between). And more importantly my mother thinks I look better...that alone says it all. 

Today I am off to Yoga in the AM and tonight I have a Mardi Gras party (still not drinking...staying strong for my last day). Which is ironic considering Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday", the last night of eating rich, fatty foods before the ritual of fasting for Lent. But at this party I plan to go in mask, dance my butt off (because I can) and celebrate this journey with friends. 

Lessons learned: 

  • I won't die if I just eat raw fruits and vegetables for 29 days
  • Real food is the best fuel for my body
  • Having a focus brings everything else into focus as well
  • Preparation is key
  • Cleansing is a spiritual experience 
  • The mind, body and soul together are very powerful
  • Life is so much sweeter when it's actually lived
  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • You can eat out and stay clean
  • There's still so much more to learn...

My Re-Entry plan: I plan to keep eating the way I have and introduce something new each week. This will help me see how my body reacts to each new food. Not sure what I will do with animal proteins (still undecided). 

    • Week 1: Roasted veggies and vegetable soups. 
    • Week 2: Brown Rice 
    • Week 3: Legumes 
    • Week 4: Nuts & Seeds
    • Week 5: Prep for Ayahuasca ceremony
    • Week 6: Ayahuasca ceremony 

If anyone has any desire to try this cleanse experience, I highly recommend it. It's not that hard and you won't die. The opposite might happen, you might start to live! 

My give back: I've loved this experience so much that I was inspired to reach out to my team of amazing holistic providers and together we are going to giveaway a 29 Day ReBoot. We want to help someone who is ready to take back their life and health. Stay tuned for more details... 


February 24, 2017

Day 28 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 27: Yesterday I rested and still got things done (what was meant to get done). I have to remember life's not a rush. My father-n-law used to say to me "you can't make chicken salad from chicken shit". That was him reminding me to stop trying to rush things. My husband reminds me of the same thing daily (and trust me he told me that 5 times yesterday).

I am so thankful for the people in my life who guide me...from my amazing family and friends to my strong community. But when it comes to this health journey, my husband has been my partner and healer along the way. He calls me his muse for inspiration to help others, but he's my muse to trust someone has my back. I have an idea or an ailment and he creates something in response to whatever it is I throw at him. Last night we had another "kids are asleep" talk. And I am not talking nookie people! We truly had a great conversation. It always shocks us that after 21 years we still have so much to learn. As I fell asleep I was thankful for not only him but everyone who blesses my life. If you are reading this...thank you!

Day 28: I am panicking today! I have one day left and I am already mourning the loss of this experience. Silly right?!?! Then I realize why mourn something that I can continue. I can keep my food real, I can stay present, continue having fun and reflecting on my life so I can keep evolving. Why does that have to stop after 29 days? 

Fact: Having a partner behind your life goals is proven to benefit not only your goal, but strengthens the relationship as a whole. Here's a great article by Scientific American where science tries to prove the disadvantage of having a partner support your goals and finds the opposite to be true. "We tend to think of dependence in terms of intimate and sexual needs, but these findings suggest that dependence might also arise from a partner’s unique ability to assist with life’s goals. Indeed, long-term partners may develop a shared self-regulatory system, relying on one another for support with mustering the discipline needed to face life’s challenges. In the short term, relying on a partner for help with self-control in one arena means we could be undermining our commitment to that specific aim. But Fitzsimons and Finkel suggest there could a surprising trade-off: because we are investing more in our relationships, we might well end up possessing more discipline for a couple’s shared goals. In the end, the partnership benefits."

February 23, 2017

Day 27 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 26: I stayed up too late the night before and then yesterday was a day of over committing and pushing it past my threshold. When I feel alive I want to do everything all at once in case I crash and burn and miss the chance tomorrow. I see how this habit starts; I start feeling good and I push it and see I made it, push even harder the next day and then BAM... I am done for. The irony is I've read the same message over and over lately "The thing we fear is the thing we attract". Ah Ha moment (as I type)...I just wrote "When I feel alive I want to do everything all at once in case I crash and burn and miss the chance tomorrow."...and I created the exact thing I feared. Awesome! 

This is what my crash looked like yesterday...First, I couldn't make out a clear sentence twice (this is one of my original symptoms) and then I offered to drive someone to their dentist appt since it was raining (they don't have a car) and completely forgot about the dishwasher repair guy was waiting for me at the shop. The second part felt good to help out a friend, but I can drop everything in a moment and forget what I was just doing. 

No sleep = Set back. Set back = Opportunity to learn that lesson for the final time! 


  • Sleep is part of my formula for healing
  • Over committing is not healthy for me
  • I attract what I fear (our thoughts have that much power)

Day 27: Recovery day. Good food, take it slowly and to bed early.

Fact: Sleep is one of the most powerful natural healers we have access to for free and we don't take advantage of it. I used to pay for a Rx to sleep (yes I admit it). What the hell is wrong with us? We have the tools to sleep better and yet most of our society is sleep deprived. Here's 11 fun health benefits from getting a proper nights sleep. Here's a more serious list of impacts on our health from lack of sleep. And lastly here's how to actually shut off that brain and get our sleep. Sweet dreams! 

February 22, 2017

Day 26 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 25: Who wants to talk poop? I figured you can't cleanse and not talk about it. Everyone thought the "she-shes" comment was funny, but I wasn't so sure I wanted to share anything beyond that. Why should I care? Everyone does it (some less and some more). So the truth is...I go at least 5-10 times a day (precleanse it was one glorious time in the morning) and let's just say it's has not been solid since day one, but no discomfort thankfully. Okay I officially just went there...I am slightly dying inside but I promised myself to blog the truth. I haven't been freaked out in the least. If my body has been in attack mode for 22 years, 25 days of "puff the magic dragon" poop isn't gonna scare me. I kinda see it as my body truly detoxing and getting rid of everything. But you better move out of my way when I need to go. More importantly, I graduated to a solid yesterday (sounds like I am talking about baby food, boy I wish I was). Congrats, you just entered my very private world of cleansing. Hmmm...yep still mortified, but happy to share. 

Day 26: Well, maybe with some less bathroom time I might just finish up my goals for the week. This cleanse has inspired me beyond my original intentions. I have some exciting things I have been brainstorming about since I started and I can't wait to share them with you (definitely more exciting than my bowel movements).

Fact: Our bowel movements are one of our greatest indicators of what is going on in the body. I remember years ago the first time I heard Dr. Oz mention how important the shape of your poop was. This 5 minute Dr. Oz video is a gamer changer in the poop department. It changed my life years ago. The Master Cleanse blog post diagram is quite funny - yet informative. 

February 21, 2017

Day 25 of my 29 day Cleanse

Recap of Day 24: I think my taste buds have finally grown up. In the last 24 days everything literally taste different. Examples, I used to tolerate tomatoes because I knew they were good for me and now I crave them along with jalapeños. Who am I? I am half Cuban and half Canadian, born with no spice in my blood other than garlic and cumin (and that's not even spicy).

So last night I go into the fridge and have everything set for the family dinner except a meal for myself. I look around the kitchen with my normal "what can I do tonight without being totally bored?". I saw a vine ripe tomato, avocado, green onions, basil and a jalapeño and then heard "I think I can make a caprese salad with this" (I swear a "Food God" spoke to me at that moment). Holy amazeballs...it was so delicious. I just sliced a tomato like you would for a caprese salad, added a thick slice of avocado on top (instead of cheese) and then diced the onion, basil and jalapeño and sprinkled them on top. Not only would my mother be proud of the color and look of it, it tasted beyond amazing. This is something I could serve at any vegan or lactose free event (cause you know I do those often...hahaha). 2nd keeper for the books. 

Day 25: I slept great after a long day at the shop and a wonderful late night "kids are asleep" conversation with my husband. This cleanse has shown me how to slow down and connect, not only with myself but also with my own family. Sometimes we feel like passing ships in the night. Why was that ever okay? I know sometimes there's seasons of life when you are just surviving the moment. But enough is enough. I don't want to survive any moment. I want to embrace it. My husbands favorite buddhist saying is "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional". I finally get it now. I seem to be "getting" a lot of things lately. 

Fact: Flavor profiles do get better with age, even though science says our taste buds are dying off rather than regenerating (or growing up as I thought above). But thankfully our taste buds are not the full picture here. Here's a great Bon Appétite article almost everyone can relate to about our sense of taste and it's evolution from childhood. "The big predictor of whether someone will like something like bitter melon or hoppy beer isn't their sensitivity to bitterness," Marcia Pelchat, a sensory psychologist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center. "It's their exposure to it, their motivation, their interest. It's all cultural stuff." When I was researching about gardening, I found the same feedback on taste evolution. Actually growing your own food helps kids like vegetables more because they are exposed to it and the emotional experience with it is positive. I totally get the "exposure" thing now.