Fighting Lyme Disease: A Journey of Resilience and Healing + Community Resource Guide

Fighting Lyme Disease: A Journey of Resilience and Healing + Community Resource Guide

Grounding Roots was founded on the desire to support the community and our very intricate immune systems. Over the years we have proven to ourselves and through many testimonials that nutrition is foundational to healing, but one must also commit to the journey of peeling back the layers of the onion on this very complicated disease.

Lyme disease can be best described on the Global Lyme Alliance website as a bacterial infection(s) and co-infections transmitted primarily through the bite of infected ticks, but also is considered an STD by many and can be transferred in utero (studies are finally confirming this). Most recent estimates are of 476,000 new cases of Lyme in the US every year, however, the true prevalence may be even higher, as misdiagnosis and underreporting are common due to the elusive nature of the illness.


The Reality of Lyme Disease


For many, Lyme disease begins with a tiny tick bite, often going unnoticed due to the minuscule size of these arachnids. Consequently, individuals may go undiagnosed for years, grappling with a myriad of symptoms that mimic other diseases. Misdiagnosis further compounds the challenge, delaying proper treatment and exacerbating the toll on physical and mental health. Chronic Lyme Disease can also be referred to as MSIDS (Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome, coined by Richard Horowitz, MD, used to describe a “symptom complex” that can create persistent and tenacious illness).

Also, many people that experience these issues look normal to the outside world, but feel completely alone and hopeless without answers. 


My personal Journey:


For 22+ years, I grappled with chronic coughs, shooting pains, and postpartum depression before receiving my diagnosis. Despite the arduous path to understanding my illness. Thankfully from doctors Like Dr. Kirti Kalidas that helped get a final diagnosis and understanding of the disease and Dr. Sangeeta Pati from Take My Power Back Initiative was instrumental in teaching me how to heal myself confidently through helping regulate my hormones and gut.


The Power of Community: 


Healing starts within for sure, but without the support of your community I would have found it hard to recover. The community and local resources are a good place to start. Understanding the myriad of support one needs to leap out of darkness into the light of pure hope…this community helped me. I am thrilled to share my resources. 



  • Therapist (mental health counselor) – We love the Healing House & Dr. Shelly Lynch – but there are so many others our there. Ask if they are Lyme literate.
  • TMS (for Depression, Anxiety, etc…)
  • Dr. Pati prescribed – Remove yourself from all commitments (for 3 months) – it works wonders (and I was a mother of 2 and did it).
  • BioFeedback to calm the nervous system – try anything that will help you. 



  • Prayer/Meditation



  • Sleep Sleep Sleep – I love this book The Busy Brain Cure by Dr. Romie Mushtaq MD
  • Open the Detox Pathways:
    • Infrared Sauna 
    • 3lb of Epsom Salt bath (about 20 min. until sweating – have partner or family member at home as your blood pressure can drop very low)
    • Coffee Enemas
    • Drink Hot Water and Lemon (first thing upon waking up) – For added detox add our GetWell Shots into the tea or take it straight
    • 60-100 oz. of water, pink salt and lemon daily (to taste)
  • Finding the right eating rhythm and cycle (per body)



  • Natural Anti-Infections that did help for a period: 
    • Ozone (IV in office or Rectal at Home) – 
    • Argentyn 23 (great when sick with cold) 
    • Monolaurin
  • BVT – Bee Venom Therapy – The story of Ellie Lobel ( 2-3 year treatment plan) – This is the treatment I used to get myself into remission – I was guided but the amazing and talented Adriana Furey
  • Medical Marijuana – helps with sleep and pain/mood (when needed)
  • Supplemental IV’s 
  • Minerals and supplements to consider: probiotics, vitamin D, vitamin C (could upset stomach) and external magnesium sprays & Magnesium (to help with pain)
  • Bioidentical Hormone replacements (if tested – i.e. Progesterone helps with Adrenal Fatigue and Sleep) –
  • Liposomal Glutathione (to help detox and support the liver function – great to take when feeling low or exposed to colds, junk foods, etc…)


Books Worth Reading/Listening to:


Everybody is different and requires a variety of healing modalities. But the above can help get you there. Please find a doctor who believes you, sees you and honors your journey of healing. We believe everyone has the right to be healthy and enjoy life (again)!

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