My Lyme Disease Journey: Embracing a Holistic Approach to Healing

My Lyme Disease Journey: Embracing a Holistic Approach to Healing

Living with Lyme disease has been a complex and challenging journey for me, and I want to share my experiences and insights in hopes of helping others navigating similar paths. Here’s an overview of my journey, along with some crucial lessons I’ve learned.

Understanding Lyme Disease Beyond the Diagnosis

One important realization I’ve had is that Lyme disease is more than just a single diagnosis or a positive test result. In my belief, what many of us with a Lyme diagnosis experience is actually MSIDS (Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome). This condition involves a multifaceted response of our body’s systems, often including co-infections and genetic and environmental factors. It’s heartening to see the government beginning to acknowledge this complexity.

Simply targeting the Lyme bacteria is not enough. We need to cultivate a healthy biome within our bodies on multiple levels. It’s frustrating when a single test declares us “normal” when we still feel far from it.

Holistic Healing: Beyond Conventional Treatment

This understanding is why I’ve delved into herbalism and the use of plant materials as part of my healing process. One of the key elements I used was Bee Venom Therapy (BVT), which had a profound impact on my internal biome. BVT is composed of about 50% melittin, a powerful antimicrobial peptide, and 50% other components that help rebuild the body’s systems.

However, BVT was just one part of my journey. I continue to focus on nutrition and nervous system support, understanding that achieving and maintaining remission requires ongoing effort. But trust me, it’s worth every bit of work! I hope you too can find your way to your own “feel-good season.”

Building Your Support System

An important part of this journey is having a trusted support team. This includes not just medical doctors but also herbalists, psychologists, and other practitioners you trust. Healing can be a lonely and daunting path, but it’s also a profound blessing. Remember, you’re not alone, and the lesson of healing, though tough, is incredibly valuable.

Practical Steps I’m Taking Right Now

To support my nervous system, here are some practical steps I’m currently taking:

  • Meditation and Journaling: Consistent prayer and journaling help center my thoughts and manage stress.
  • Adaptogenic Tinctures: I’ve added an “Adapt” tincture to my regimen. For those on BVT, you might need to customize it using ACV or glycerides instead of alcohol.
  • Physical Activity: Swimming has become a vital part of my routine, contributing to both my physical and mental well-being.
  • Ongoing Herbal Studies: I continue to study the nervous system and its role in healing through my herbalism classes. It’s a complex but fascinating area that holds many keys to health.
  • Occasional “Stinging” occurs when feeling off (Maintenance)
  • Magnesium and Progesterone are used for support and 5HTP for sleeping and OMEGA for brain and sleep support. Vitamin D as needed (because we don’t get enough sadly) 

For those looking for herbal support, I recommend reaching out to Gigi, an experienced herbalist who recently returned to her craft. She can often be found at the Maitland Farmers Market on Sundays, though be mindful of the weather if you’re sensitive to heat.

Final Thoughts

I understand the struggle and send you all the light and love. When I was home bound for months, it was incredibly tough, but it was also a period of immense learning. I found solace in reading and watching TV during that time, while enjoying my children as my parents, in-law and husband raised our children. We can do hard things. Stay strong, and know that you’re not alone in this. Healing is possible, and with the right support and approach, you too can find your path to wellness. 

Important Note:

Find a  trusted team of MDs, Herbalists, Psychologists, etc you trust to support you!  Without them it’s a scary journey of healing, but you are the captain of your healing journey! Here’s a sample of my journey and some of my teammates on this journey.

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