Two Day ReBoot (Cleanse)

Two Day ReBoot (Cleanse)

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Buy Now. Cleanse Later. 

10 Juices. 2 Days of cleansing.

Call and order your cleanse when you are ready to start.

In-Store Pick Up Only. 

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Buy now and pick up your cleanse when you are ready. 

Step 1: Purchase.

Step 2: Pick a date to start your cleanse (you can let us know now or at a later date).  Picking a date and preparing is key to a successful cleanse.  Don't rush it.

Step 3: Call or email us a start date.  Ordering 1-2 days out is desired.

Step 4: Prep for your cleanse. 

Step 5: Come into the shop (if you have time) and taste all the juices and create your own custom cleanse.


It's recommended to modify your diet before doing a cleanse to avoid any system shocks. Ideally prep three days before you start on the juices. If your diet includes red meat, dairy, caffeine, processed or fast food, you should spend at least three to five days weaning yourself. If you’ve done a cleanse before or you have a pretty clean diet, two to three days of preparation is usually enough.

How restrictive should the pre-cleanse diet be?

A good rule-of-thumb is to eat vegetarian or vegan. A little bit of lean, organic chicken, turkey, or wild fish is fine.  Again, no preservatives or prepared foods, caffeinated drinks, sugar, or sodas. You can have a bit of green tea to help eliminate headaches that might happen with cutting out caffeine.

Try cutting out dairy, sugar, and alcohol the first day. On the second day, bread and meat.

Exercise moderately. No lifting weights or ten-mile runs. Slow down at yoga. 

You should basically observe the same simple diet after the juice cleanse. Also known as “breaking the cleanse.”

Also make sure to try and get 8 hours of sleep each night.


3 Days before – If you eat meat, you should phase it out now - lightly steamed or poached fish, with veggies and a salad of course!

2 Days before - Green salads should be your staple at this point. If you’re craving some more sustenance, you may choose a bit of plain brown rice, or a yam or sweet potato.

1 Day before - Raw or lightly steamed vegetables, e.g. spinach, broccoli, etc… You may also have a raw green leafy salad with some vegetables.