Six Free or Affordable Health Hacks to Living Your Best Life

In this day and age, healing can be expensive. We know, we have been there. Whether you want to stay healthy or want to restore yourself — healing doesn’t have to break your bank.

Here are 6 amazing affordable health hacks we know work.

  1. Lemon Tea – Take a wedge of a lemon and squeeze to into 8oz of warm or hot water first thing in the morning. This morning ritual can help stimulate your liver and support your immune system and organs
  2. Epsom Detox Bath – Use an entire 3lb bag of Epsom Salt and add to a “hot” tub. Soak for 15 minutes and the heat will help you detox via your largest organ (the skin). Once your face starts to perspire, you know you have kicked detox into gear. The Epsom salt delivers magnesium sulfate to your system to support pain and inflammation reduction
  3. 100oz of Water Daily (add lemon and pink salt to taste) – we call this a homemade electrolyte drink (insert your favorite sports drink). The salt mineralizes the water and the lemon wakes it up and brings it back to life. This routine will help you stay hydrated, support and protect your organs and digestion, and support proper flow and delivery of nutrients to cells, while helping flush bacteria from your kidneys.
  4. 5 Minutes of Quiet Meditation – (breathing, guided meditations, chanting, etc.) This routine can help regulate blood pressure, and anxiety, bring self-awareness, increase patience and creativity, sleep, and most importantly can help reduce and manage infection and cancers.
  5. 5 Minutes of Sunbathing (clothed or unclothed – sans sunglasses) – the only true source of vitamin D (outside of a bottle or fortified foods) is from the sun. High doses of vitamin D, when exposed to sunlight, through your skin, turns cholesterol into vitamin D, which have been shown to help prevent certain common ailments and diseases. Vitamin D can help reduce depression, support bone health, aid in sleep and most importantly supports a stronger immune system.
  6. 5 Minutes of Earth Grounding – Touching the ground barefoot for 5 minutes a day (also known as grounding) connects you to the natural circadian rhythms of the earth for better sleep, stress reduction, and of course the added benefit of vitamin D. (You can combine sunbathing and this ritual to crush your healing game!)

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