Subscription Policy

  1. Juice is good for up to 2 days past the sell by date on the bottle. 
  2. Orders have to be cancelled 48 hours prior to delivery in order to receive a refund 
  3. We cannot guarantee a delivery time and delivery time may vary from week to week.
  4. If you would like Points for weekly purchases and bottles 
  5. Orders can always be modified on a weekly basis as long as the minimum order amount is fulfilled.
  6. Pause anytime, no fees ever.
  7. Delivery day is based on geographical location
  8. Customers must leave out a cooler and ice packs if you won’t be home. 
  9. If you forget to leave out a cooler, but will not be home, we require you notify your Grounding Roots contact that set up your account or store to ensure we leave out a cooler for your delivery (prior to your drop off slot).
  10. Our staff will reach out to finalize your delivery schedule.